Water, chocolate, wool, chlorophyll and additives.

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    These are a few of my favourite links.

  • James doesn't write much, but if I tell complete lies about him, his version will be here.
  • Prasenjit is my favourite astrophysicist.
  • Bruno is my favourite web comic.
  • Yarnharlot - even if you're not a knitter, this is one of the funniest descriptions of perfectionism from the inside.
  • LanguageLog is where the linguists go to play.
  • Earthquakes in California, and around the world, as they happen.
  • Misia is writing a book about the history of virginity.
  • Respectful of Otters - politics, HIV, getting the facts straight.
  • Making light on being a leftish science fiction editor
  • UserFriendly is my favourite geeky web comic.
  • NCBI for all your genomic sequence needs
  • Creating Text(iles) - knitting in academia
  • String or Nothing - knitting and sharing knitting resources
  • Keyboard biologist - knitting while living with a geek
  • QueerJoe's knitting blog is exactly that
  • When knitting was a manly art in the wilds of Oregon
  • And she knits too along with running a family and postdoc.